2014 Books Review

Stealing this fun idea from kappamaki33, falafel_musings, and prophetkristy.

Number of Books Read: 36 (plus lots of short stories, novellas, and some half-read things I'm working on.)

Ratio of Male/Female authors: 5 female; 24 male; 7 multi (short story or essay collections with male and female authors)

Fiction/non-fiction ratio: 25 fiction, 11 non-fiction, although all of the non-fiction is really about fiction.

Number of Rereads: Only three - Peter Pan, Watership Down and Tolkien's Sir Gawain/Pearl/Sir Orfeo.

Oldest Book Read in 2014: The Book of Beasts - a 12th century medieval bestiary translated from Latin by T.H. White of The Once and Future King fame.

Newest Book Read in 2014: Tolkien's Beowulf - published May 2014, although Beowulf is obviously centures old and Tolkien's MS has sat unpublished for decades.

Longest Book read this year: Definitely George RR Martin's A Dance with Dragons - about 1200 pages.

Books in Translation: Tolkien's Beowulf from Old English and his Sir Gawain, etc., from Middle English, Undine and Grimm's Fairy Tales from German, The Book of Beasts from Latin.

Most books by a single author: Several by and several about Tolkien, as always.

Best online recommendation of the year: Philip Sandifer's Doctor Who books from his fabulous TARDIS Eruditorum blog.

Best non-online recommendation of the year: I don't think any of these really qualify.

Most unexpectedly good book: I expected to like Russell T. Davies' The Writer's Tale but not as muc as I did. Absolutely one of the most enjoying things I have ever read, ever. I want to be his best friend, basically.

Most unexpectedly bad book: My expectations weren't that high, but Rider Haggard's She was dull.

Best Oh-I-didn't-realize-you-wrote-other-good-books moment: I don't anything qualifies - everyone I ready was either new to me or I was already an established fan.

Worst Oh-I-wish-I'd-stopped-at-your-previous-book moment: I've only ever read She from Haggard, but I think I'll stop there.

Favourite male literary character encountered this year: I quite like the fairy Bast from The Name of the Wind.

Favourite female literary character encountered this year: Fuschia and the twins Cora and Clarice from Titus Groan were all delightful.

An assortment of memorable things that happened in books I read this year: Lots of mysterious goings-on on the borders of Faerie (as is usually the case). Russell T. Davies' work schedule was inhuman and hilarious. More bad shit happens in Westeros. Loki felt gipped. The first Eleven Doctors saved the day and ran. A lot. Kovthe begins what it proving to be a really long story.
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